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Anna Marley (weaver)
Ali Holloway (hand weaver)
Carole de Jong (fine print)
Caroline Austin (ceramics)
Darrieulat & Young (screenprinting)
Dawn Finn (printmaking)
Ellie Burkett (fine art)
Gisella Codara (ceramics)
Liv Amiel (printmaking)
Pat Roberts(ceramics)
Paula Duggan (printmaking)
Rosemary Lucas (jewellery)
Tony Morrison (photographer)
Yvette Rawson (community artist)

Makers and Designers

Makers at the Mill combines traditional arts and modern craft practices in an exhibition of fine art, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and jewellery. Unique one off pieces, limited edition prints and bespoke design are available for sale or commission.

Click on links above to find out more about our makers and designers this year.

Design by Tony Morrison if you want one get in touch. Last updated July 2017

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